Guest Artists

During the whole year, guest artists from all over the world visit Le Flux to do a temporary guest spot. We’re open to many different styles, so we can offer a wide range of different styles.


When you would like to apply for an appointment with one of the guest artist, you will have to request an appointment through mail. Please describe your desired design including some examples, placement, size and the guest artist of your choosing. Make sure you complete your request as much as possible, so we can make sure we can help you in the best way. Le Flux of the guest artist you have chosen will contact you to schedule an appointment for your tattoo.

Send in your request for one of our guest artists through our contact form.

Requests for a guest spot as an artist at Le Flux can be mailed to

Chanel Kirk

14 & 15 July


14 & 15 July

Artur Rivera

2 – 6 August

Emi Enemies

9 – 13 August


5 – 8 October


25 – 29 October